James "Pop" and Paulette "Lolli" Walley

In the South, you can find dozens of "mom and pop" stores, and this one is no different! Co-owners and operators, James and Paulette are the master minds behind Twin Oaks Crafts. James is a retired Senior Chief from the US Navy. While he has always had a passion for woodworking, his skills were refined in his years as a SeaBee for the Navy. Now, he's applying his talents to the Twin Oaks Crafts Wood Shop.
Paulette, a retired school teacher, insists that sewing is in her blood. Her grandfather and great uncles were the first Singer Sewing machine representatives in the state of Texas. She grew up learning the intricacies of stitching at the feet of her grandmother and mother. Now, she's combining her loves for stitching and educating with the Twin Oaks Crafts Sewing Basket.

Angel Martin

Machine Repair Specialist

Angel lives up to her name.  She works her magic on sewing, embroidery, quilting machines and sergers.  


After graduating from Richland High School and completing the Phase II program, Sarah joined the team as shop sister. She is our events liaison and coordinator. Sarah ensures everyone who visits gets exactly what they need and a smile to boot!


We're open Tuesday-Friday from 9am-6pm and Saturday from 9am-2pm. Please visit us in person, call us, or check out our Facebook page linked below for updates and questions. We look forward to crafting with you!


Our Location:
745 Hwy 49 South
Richland, MS 39218
Contact Us:
(769) 572-5253

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